Mossberg: The PC has become part of the furniture – The Verge

But, to steal from the late, great B.B. King: for most people, the thrill is gone. And that’s because the PC has become the furniture of our digital lives. It’s absolutely necessary. You wouldn’t want to be without it. But you don’t get very excited about it, don’t brag about it, don’t replace it very often, and don’t expect revolutionary new features when you do.

As it says in the article, enthusiasts like me might be excited, but the mainstream isn’t. No doubt, Mr. Mossberg has hit the nail on its god-damn head.

Microsoft announces Surface Studio

Isn’t it weird that Microsoft is making aspirational hardware and Apple PC’s are getting mass deployment at IBM?

UPDATE: A lot of people are wondering if Apple is losing the ball on desktops. While I love Microsoft’s new HW offerings, here is something to think about –