Apple Q4 2016 Results: $46.9 Billion Revenue, 45.5 Million iPhones, 9.2 Million iPads Sold – MacStories

Apple has just published their financial results for Q4 2016, which covered the three months from July through to September 2016. The company posted revenue of $46.9 billion with a quarterly net profit of $9 billion. Apple sold 9.2 million iPads, 45.5 million iPhones, and 4.8 million Macs during the quarter.

Also, as per Apple’s 8-K Filling:

Services Revenue Grows 24% to All-Time Quarterly Record of $6.3 Billion

Another record quarter for Apple services.

UPDATE (via Apple’s earnings call)

iPhone sales in India were up 50% year-on-year.

— Tim Cook

Images of New MacBook Pro With Magic Toolbar Leaked in macOS Sierra 10.12.1 – Mac Rumors

As has been rumored, the touch panel, which may be called the “Magic Toolbar,” appears to be contextual, changing based on what’s on the screen. In the images, Apple Pay dialog is depicted, asking a customer to confirm a purchase with a finger on the panel. It appears Touch ID is built directly into the OLED panel, with no dedicated Touch ID button depicted. 
Aside from the OLED touch panel, the new MacBook Pro looks similar in design to the existing models. It looks like the 13-inch MacBook Pro is used in the images, suggesting the machine will gain speakers located at the side of the keyboard.

Somebody is gonna get fired REAL bad.

Xiaomi is selling the concept phone of your wildest dreams – The Verge

Inside, the Mi Mix has the latest Snapdragon 821 chip that powers Google’s Pixels, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Looking at the status bar above, the Mi Mix seems to also have support for two SIMs, a popular feature in China, and Xiaomi also notes it has a 192Hz / 24-bit DAC chip for higher-resolution audio. There’ll also be a ¥3,999 ($590) option with 6GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and 18-karat gold accents around the camera and fingerprint sensor on the rear of the Mix. The battery weighs in at a generous 4,400mAh, the rear camera comes in at 16 megapixels with phase-detect autofocus, and yes, the headphone jack is intact (“for now,” as Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra jokes on Facebook).

Now this is just stunning.

Saving People Money

Here, Sarah goes into detail about the opportunities for FinTech products. Though the data is for America, a lot of insights apply to India too.

[…] Millennials, need new ways to save money.

Getting more for less: Medical housing? Housing? Education?

Managing your financial health: Financial advice? Access to credit? Resilience?


What happened to Xiaomi?

The company ensured customer satisfaction by incorporating user feedback to make frequent software and features updates. As a result, Xiaomi created a sticky fan base, known as “Mi-fans.”

However, it didn’t take long before Xiaomi’s sales began to slow down. Its sales dropped by 5 percent in Q1 of 2016 and 38 percent in Q2 of the same year.

It also fell out of the global top 5 brands in terms of smartphone sales. So what exactly happened?

This one had lots of potential.

Xiaomi needs to re-examine its strategy with a flexible mindset in order to avoid further market decline or even death.

A race to the bottom seldom lets one out alive.